Sustainable management model

Ence makes of sustainability the backbone of its business. In its forestry, production and power generation activities and in its management model, are integrated criteria of economic, social and environmental sustainability, ensuring results orientation, mutual benefit in relations with suppliers, forest owners, customers and other stakeholders and management of impacts on the environment.

The comprehensive management of forests for the production of pulp and renewable energy covers the entire value chain, and is a distinct advantage. Ence’s activity includes selecting, planting and growing trees, harvesting, purchasing, shipping and receiving in operations centers for its comprehensive utilization. This presence across the value chain allows the application of best practices in forestry plantations and their utilization, leading to greater efficiency in energy production and pulp. It also allows Ence have a greater knowledge of the raw materials used by intervening directly or indirectly in its management by applying sustainability criteria on which it bases its activity.

Here you can download the additional information regarding Environmental, Social and Governance Management at Ence

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