Ence is the market leader in biomass-fuelled renewable energy.

Ence is Spain's market leader in the production of renewable energy using forest biomass and energy crops. The company currently has an installed biomass generation capacity of 220 MW. Annual electricity production amount to 1,600 GWh.

As a result of continuous efforts in R&D and the experience gained in the effective use of biomass, Ence has managed to develop a 100% Spanish technology, creating a situation where the group could lead a global project in the field of utilization of biomass for energy production.

Renewable energy from biomass has enormous growth potential in Spain, a country that has the EU's second largest wooded areas. In fact, it is the only renewable energy that has shown sound economic results on account of the benefits generated, given its capacity to create jobs, develop rural areas, and contribute to improving the environment, both through the capture of CO2 and the care and cleaning of the woodlands, reducing the risk of fires by up to 70%.

In addition, it is the only manageable and most stable renewable energy, not having to depend on variables such as sunlight, wind, or the availability of certain agricultural wastes. Biomass could be part of the progressive substitution of domestic coal, creating employment in the collieries affected through the proximity of these coalfields to the forested areas that have the potential for biomass production.

Ence co-generates the electricity and heat required for its industrial operations and sells its surplus production to the national grid. To do this, Ence uses biomass from two main sources as its raw material:

•Wood bark (solid biomass) and forest residues.

•Black liquor, resulting from the wood cooking process, goes through a chemical recovery process and they is reused again in the cooking process.

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