Twenty-four groups in San Juan del Puerto sign aid agreements with Magnon worth 100,000 euros

The Town Hall of San Juan del Puerto has been the setting for the signing of the agreements for the annual Magnon Green Energy grants worth 100,000 euros. The twenty-four beneficiary entities in 2023 attended the ceremony presided over by the director of Magnon, Diego Lamela, and the mayoress of the town of San Juan del Puerto, Rocío Cárdenas.

Of the 40 applications received, initiatives have been selected this year that once again support the most vulnerable groups such as minors, the elderly and people with functional diversity. Once again, educational quality, diversity, healthy living habits, social welfare and the reduction of the digital divide are the most repeated objectives.

The framework collaboration agreement that Magnon has maintained with this Huelva town for six years has already fully or partially financed 113 social, cultural, environmental and sports projects, benefiting practically the entire population of San Juan. In fact, the aid from the Ence Group’s renewable energy subsidiary in Huelva has established itself as an important local tool to facilitate the necessary work of the groups that make up the town’s solid associative fabric.