The UHU ‘Open Knowledge’ meetings analyze with Magnon the importance of renewable energy in global solutions for sustainability

Those responsible for Magnon Green Energy have shared the projects with which the energy subsidiary of the Ence Group promotes the decarbonisation of the electricity system during the last ‘Open Knowledge’ meeting organized by the Unit for Scientific Culture and Innovation of the University of Huelva. The biomass energy generation process and the company’s constant effort to innovate have opened the fruitful debate created by these participatory events.

Magnon thus takes another step in its objective of opening up to society to give visibility to its challenges and disseminate the importance of biomass energy as one of the renewable sources that offers the greatest stability and manageability to the electrical system.

The meeting, introduced and moderated by the Director of Transfer of the University of Huelva, Reyes Sánchez, motivated a debate among those who participated about fundamental concepts for future sustainability. Thus, confidence in technological development and the importance of research, the most favorable composition of the energy mix, the real sustainability of some technologies, the need for multiple solutions from all areas or the necessary social awareness and individual behavior changes, have been some of the many topics that have shaped the lively exchange of knowledge and opinions.

Diego Lamela, manager of the Magnon plant in Huelva, highlighted the importance of events like this one to “tell society about the efforts made by companies and institutions, and to involve citizens in the new challenges that the world is facing especially in the energy issue”.

These meetings, sponsored by the Association of Chemical, Basic and Energy Industries of Huelva (AIQBE), and organized by the Huelva University, aim to bring industrial processes and scientific research closer to the public. To guarantee dialogue and closeness, they are organized by creating spaces outside the university classrooms and with limited assistance in which any interested person can interact directly with the speakers.

Magnon Green Energy has a demanding Sustainability policy in which its social participation is a priority along with other pillars of its strategy such as transparency, security and proximity to the local communities around its activities.