The technical stop of the Ence energy complex in Huelva generates points of up to 1,000 people working in a coordinated manner

The technical stoppage of the facilities of Ence Huelva these days is the additional entry of more than 800 people daily who join the staff of the company to develop the multiple tasks of periodic review of equipment, maintenance and operational improvements that will be developed in this usual annual operation of the industrial sector.

All the planned operations will generate points of up to 1,000 people from more than 70 companies working in the Huelva energy complex, so in these days it is even more important to carefully coordinate all the planned tasks, for which a project has been launched. special surveillance and safety training device for all operators involved.

In the Huelva energy complex, the dismantling works of the former pulp mill are currently coexisting with the production of low-impact renewable energy from biomass in two plants, one of 41 MW and the other of 50 MW. The two add up to the current 91MW of installed capacity with which Ence can produce electricity in Huelva sufficient for the needs of more than 110,000 people. In addition, within the same complex, the company is moving forward with the construction of the new 46 MW plant, which, with its commissioning at the end of this year, will increase the productive capacity of Huelva to 890,000 MWh per year.

As usual, in addition to the maintenance and cleaning work, the annual stop will be used to introduce operational and environmental improvements that this year are especially concentrated in the 41MW plant, previously dedicated to the energy use of the crusts coming from the wood for the cellulose extraction and where projects worth over 14 million euros will be undertaken.

The projects in the 41 MW plant consist of the implementation of the best techniques for the productive optimization and the improvement of the performance by increasing the availability of the facilities, the reliability of the equipment and the continuous reduction of its environmental impact. Of note in this regard is the putting into operation of the latest technology in sleeve filters of the biomass boiler, which will further improve the atmospheric emissions treatment system of this plant to be in results well below the current legislation and in the same line of the 50 MW plant, built in 2012 already with the Best Available Techniques recommended by Europe.

For Ence, the technical stoppage is a key moment because during it several of the main lines of its management materialize: environmental and safety excellence, the continuous improvement of its results and facilities and the social and economic commitment to the environment.