The Professional Association of Environmental Companies of Galicia recognizes Ence for its environmental excellence

The Ence Pontevedra Biofactory has received today recognition for its environmental excellence, framed within the Environment Awards granted by the Professional Association of Environmental Companies of Galicia (APROEMA) to those organizations that carry out a business and public effort in the adaptation of environmental and economic measures that promote the sustainable development of Galicia.

The president of APROEMA, Arancha Mañas, has been in charge of delivering said recognition to the Territorial Director of Ence Pontevedra, Antonio Casal, during a meeting at the Círculo de Empresarios de Galicia, which Ence attended virtually, thus complying with the measures established in its security protocol against Covid-19.

To grant this recognition to Ence, APROEMA has especially valued aspects such as “leadership in prevention and control, the promotion of the use of continuous business improvement processes, the promotion of competitiveness thanks to the improvement and protection of the environment and the influence on other industries for the voluntary establishment of co-responsible measures that go beyond regulation ”.

Likewise, this organization has highlighted that Ence “develops its activities through an integrated production model that follows the most demanding and internationally recognized criteria of sustainability and corporate responsibility.”

For this Association, Ence’s environmental commitment “is based on rigorous and exhaustive compliance with current regulations”, in order to “achieve high protection of the environment as a whole”. Companies like Ence “make large investments and generate thousands of jobs, thus contributing to make Galicia a benchmark in the environmental and business sector”, he added.

Likewise, this entity has valued the development, by Ence, of the Decalogue for the Sustainability of Biomass as Fuel, a pioneering initiative in Spain launched to guarantee total sustainability in the use of biomass and care for the environment in its use as a source of energy.

For the Territorial Director of Ence Pontevedra, Antonio Casal, this distinction represents another step in Ence’s firm commitment to the care and respect of its social and environmental surroundings. “Through the production of cellulose and renewable energy, as well as through sustainable forest management, the company is aligned with the principles of the bioeconomy, the circular economy and the energy transition,” he pointed out.

Ence-Pontevedra has been recognized with prestigious international recognition, such as the Gold Distinction from the European Commission for its environmental improvement and the Nordic Swan ecolabel, the official ecological seal of the Scandinavian governments. It also has the “Zero Waste” certificate from AENOR, among other recognitions.