The production of renewable energy of Ence Huelva in 2018 resulted in a saving of more than 42,200 tons of oil

Ence Energy Complex in Huelva, with an installed capacity of 91 MW of renewable energy with biomass, generated 491,100 MWh of electricity in 2018, which is enough energy to supply the needs of more than 91,000 people (according to national per capita electricity consumption), and a saving of more than 42,200 equivalent tons of oil.

Of the total biomass valued in Huelva facilities, nearly 80% came from the pruning of parks and gardens of the surrounding municipalities, as well as agricultural activities of vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees, mostly. Otherwise, this biomass would have been burned for the most part in the same field, wasting its energy capacity, in addition to supposing a high environmental impact.

The remaining supply of biomass of Ence’s energy plants in Huelva was biomass surplus of forestry activities such as pine thinning, forest clearing, the use of firewood and sawmill waste, mainly. It should be noted that the collection of forest biomass contributes to a drastic reduction in the risk of fires.

For Ence, these data are the verification of the social, environmental and economic advantages of electricity generation with biomass. It is essential to promote renewable energies in our country, in which Andalusia has an outstanding potential given the high surplus biomass of such important activities in the community as agriculture.

The European objectives in terms of energy are clear. It is necessary to reduce the dependence on non-renewable energy sources emitting greenhouse gases, such as coal or oil, while ensuring an energy supply to the safe population. To achieve this, biomass with high efficiency and low emission should be promoted, such as Ence, which does not depend on the sun, air or water, and provides firm and stable support for other renewable energies such as wind and photovoltaics. In addition, generation with biomass creates about 28 direct, indirect and induced jobs per installed MW, according to the latest APPA Biomass study, which makes it the energy alternative that generates more jobs.

Ence’s bet in Huelva continues to meet deadlines

The new plant that Ence is building in its Huelva energy complex continues to advance as planned. It will be able to produce an estimated figure of more than 260,000 MWh of electricity per year, it will imply an investment of more than € 90 million and is scheduled to start operations later this year.