The period for the reception of projects that opt for the aid of the Collaboration Agreement between Magnon and the Puertollano City Council is open

Magnon Green Energy and the Puertollano City Council have published the bases of the Collaboration Project of the Municipal Sports Board with the city’s Clubs, framed in the Agreement signed by the energy company and the City Council last year. This opens the period for clubs to present their social development projects, through sport, in Puertollan areas at risk of social exclusion.

For Guillermo Negro, CEO of Magnon, the implementation of this agreement “is a clear example of Magnon’s corporate culture, in which we seek for our activity to be a lever for social, economic and environmental improvement for our environment”. Guillermo Negro has underlined the firm commitment that the energy company has made, since 2017, for the socioeconomic development of the town: “we want to continue growing and looking for new ways to contribute to society, and we want to do it hand in hand with Puertollano and Castilla La Mancha ”.

For his part, Adolfo Muñiz, Mayor of Puertollano, expressed his satisfaction with this new agreement “which consolidates the company’s social commitment to our city, aimed at developing the population at risk of social exclusion, in this case promoting sports projects that will help improve the services offered by the City Council through the Municipal Sports Board. I appreciate this important help from Magnon, which since its establishment in our city has shown that it fulfills its social commitments with Puertollano and with whom we collaborate and work hand in hand for a better future for our neighbors, with agreements that fight against social exclusion , they promote education and sports and care for the environment”.

Through these initiatives, Adolfo Muñiz wants local clubs to become involved not only in the sporting life of their users and their athletes, but also in the social life of our city, so that they learn first-hand about the problems of children from those neighborhoods that, for one reason or another, find it more difficult to access the sports activities in Puertollano.

Until March 2, interested sports clubs may submit their proposals on the website of the Puertollano Municipal Sports Board ( and/or through the Magnon platform ( /AidsMagnon).

The economic endowment of the agreement, which amounts to 15,000 euros, will be distributed among the selected clubs as arbitrations. The beneficiaries of these grants will be those whose projects best meet the criteria established in the bases and have the greatest impact on social improvement among the population.

Magnon has always been committed to the environment and communities at the sites of its renewable energy generation plants. Caring for the environment, boosting the economy of rural areas and generating sustainable, quality employment are priority lines of action for the company. Through sustainable activities, Magnon seeks to add value to the areas in which it operates, becoming a main player in their socioeconomic and environmental growth.