The new 50 MW Ence plant in Puertollano brings its first megawatts of energy to the Red Eléctrica

Ence’s new 50 MW biomass generation plant in Puertollano has already joined the Red Eléctrica and generated its first megawatts of renewable energy with biomass. The Puertollano biomass plant is an example of a contribution to a fair energy transition by converting the site of the ELCOGAS coal power plant into a center for the production of renewable energy with biomass, primarily agricultural in its environment.

The new installation of Puertollano will continue in the testing phase until the end of January 2020, when it is expected that it will complete this previous test period and make its entry into official operation. The plant has been built following the best available techniques and will produce an estimated 325,000 MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the energy needs of more than 60,000 people.

The activity of the Puertollano plant will allow a sharp reduction in the uncontrolled burning of agricultural stubble – which has a high environmental impact – while contributing to the maintenance of more than 1,300 direct, indirect and induced jobs, the Most of them in rural areas. These jobs will be added to the 500 direct jobs generated by the plant during its construction.

In addition to the strong creation of rural employment, biomass generation has undeniable advantages for the electricity system, providing a firm and manageable renewable energy production source. This contribution could be enhanced with the elimination of the current regulatory limitation of 6,500 hours / year to the generation of these facilities, which would imply a more efficient use of the productive resources of the National Electric System.