The Navia biofactory renews the certifications associated with its environmental management and energy efficiency

The Ence biofactory in Navia has verified compliance with the criteria for adherence to the voluntary European scheme EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), a community eco-management and eco-audit regulation that promotes the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of organizations, and in which this plant is a pioneer in its implementation in the Asturian industrial sector (year 2002).

During the same audit process, it has been guaranteed that Ence’s Asturian biofactory complies with the ISO 14,001 certification for environmental management systems, and that its energy management system is within the parameters of the ISO 50,001 international standard for Energy Efficiency. Additionally, in May, the plant had renewed the SURE biomass sustainability certification that it obtained in 2021, and in which the organization was also a pioneer.

In recent years, projects have been carried out to increase plant efficiency and apply the best technologies available in the sector, with the aim of reinforcing the environmental excellence of the facilities. To this end, investments have been made focused on the technological and environmental optimization of the biofactory, which have made it possible, among other things, to reduce the specific consumption of water.

The audit report also highlights the organization’s clear commitment to continuous improvement, through its different management tools, and the active participation of the entire organization in this environmental commitment. Also, the company’s commitment to the future, with new projects focused on decarbonization and the promotion of new sustainable cellulose bioproducts.

The activity model of the Ence biofactory in Navia, as well as the rest of the company’s facilities, is based on production processes that promote the circular economy, maximizing the use of energy, water and raw material resources. Some renewable raw materials of natural origin, such as wood and biomass, from which Ence supplies bioenergy and cellulose to society for the production of bioproducts.

A commitment to the new bioeconomy that is also manifested in the investments that the company projects for its Asturian plant, within the “Navia Excelente” plan, capable of boosting business and creating value, fully aligned with the notion of circular bioeconomy, which will allow continue to strengthen the Ence plant as a benchmark in sustainability and the creation of wealth and activity in rural Asturias.