The National Court dismisses the appeal of the Council of Pontevedra on the concession of the biofactory of Ence-Pontevedra

The Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the National Court has handed down a judgment rejecting the appeal filed by the city of Pontevedra against the resolution of July 24, 2015 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

According to this resolution, and with the agreement of Ence, it was agreed to declare the partial expiration of the concession of the lands occupied by the biofactory of the company in Lourizán in what refers to the land occupied by the WWTP of Placeres, of the submarine outfall existing next to the EDAR and the sports facilities, and the subsistence of the concession was declared on all the other lands of Ence-Pontevedra.

The company considers that the decision of the Audiencia Nacional confirms the solidity of the legal position and its arguments for the renewal of the extension of the Ence-Pontevedra concession. Ence Energía y Celulosa trusts that this solid position will allow a favorable resolution for the future of the bio-factory of Pontevedra, pending resolution by the corresponding judicial instances.