The National Court decides to continue the process on the extension of the biofactory of Ence in Pontevedra

The National Court has decided to continue with the judicial procedure opened by the lawsuit filed by the Council of Pontevedra on the extension of the concession of the biofactory of Ence in Pontevedra, despite the written search filed on March 8 by the Directorate General of Costas. In this regard, the National Court by means of a judicial decision has granted Ence and Ence’s works council, recently summoned in the proceeding, to formulate an answer to the Concello’s request.

The company considers that this decision of the National Court is positive for more than 5,000 families in Galicia, many of them from the rural area, who depend directly on the activity of the Pontevedra biofactory.

Likewise, Ence believes that the continuation of the procedure is positive for the thousands of companies that could be affected by the surprising change in the criteria of the General Directorate of Costs in relation to the validity of the regulations of the Coastal Law.

Although the process continues, the difference is that Ence no longer has the defense of the General State Administration and, therefore, its position is less solid than a few months ago.

Ence reiterates that its business activity is an example of contribution to the bioeconomy, circular economy and sustainability. Ence’s industrial activity is governed by the highest standards of environmental responsibility and parameters of its plants greatly improve the most demanding European and Spanish environmental standards and authorizations.