The Magnon plants in Castilla-La Mancha covered the energy needs of more than 268,000 people in 2022

Biollano and Enemansa, the plants that Magnon Green Energy has located in the province of Ciudad Real, produced enough renewable energy in 2022 to cover the energy needs of more than 268,000 people, the population equivalent to the province from Guadalajara. With more than 350,000 MWh of renewable energy obtained from biomass, the Ciudad Real facilities contributed to the decarbonisation of the Spanish electricity system while providing stability, thanks to the manageability that characterizes the energy produced with this technology.

In fact, it is this manageability that provides unique value to the energy generated from biomass compared to that of other renewables. This technology does not depend on meteorological factors, which allows it to provide the stability that the electrical mix needs on its journey towards energy independence. Thus, the generation of energy with biomass can be planned in the short, medium and long term, so it is capable of adapting in real time to the needs of the electrical system.

In addition, this technology is the renewable that generates the most jobs: according to data from the Association of Renewable Energy Companies (APPA), each megawatt installed for biomass supports 25 direct, indirect and induced jobs. Therefore, the Magnon plants in Ciudad Real represent an important economic engine for the province, with a social impact of up to 1,650 sustainable and quality jobs.

Inaugurated at the beginning of 2020, Biollano 50 MW is an example of a just energy transition, since the company used the old Elcogás site for the construction of this plant, which made it possible to maintain quality industrial employment, contributing to revitalization of the economy of the area and favoring the decarbonisation of the Spanish energy system.

Enemansa, for its part, has been providing energy to the Ciudad Real area for almost 20 years. This plant is at the technological forefront at an environmental level, with the most sophisticated purification systems on the market, which again result in its excellence in terms of sustainability.