The investments made in Ence Navia biofactory contributed to improving its environmental performance in 2019

Ence Navia biofactory has successfully passed the external audits related to the renewal of the different certificates that endorse its environmental excellence management. The investment completed last year, within the “Navia 80” project, has made an essential contribution to improving the environmental performance of the facilities.

The evaluation has confirmed important advances both in the parameters that fall within the legal compliance of Ence’s activity, and in others with which the company is also decidedly committed. This is the case of the reduction of odor, the efficiency in the consumption of water, the energy efficiency and the reduction of the consumption of resources. Ence’s biofactory in Navia is ratified in this way as a benchmark in sustainability and care for the environment within the Asturian industry.

The plant has thus managed to revalidate the certification of the ISO 14001 environmental management system, as well as its adherence to the European EMAS Regulation, which is a pioneer in the Principality’s industrial sector. The auditors have highlighted the important orientation to environmental improvement in all the company’s activity. An effort that begins at the origin of the investments, focused on environmental improvement and increasing the efficiency of the facilities, and which continues in the daily operations of the plant equipment by the entire human team of the company.

Among the main advances observed during the past year, is the reduction of the volume of the effluent of the plant by 9.4%, as well as the improvement of its quality. The significant investment made in the advanced treatment plant that the plant has contributed to this.

In addition, during 2019 the improvement project in the management of by-products has been consolidated. This has contributed to the fact that 97% of them have been valued, as another example of the circular economy model promoted by Ence.

Regarding odorous emissions, in 2019 a reduction of up to 44% was achieved in the level of channeled emissions in the facility compared to 2018. This represents a 99.7% reduction in channeled odor emissions since the commissioning of the “Zero smells” project, started in 2011.

It should be remembered that the excellent environmental performance of the Navia biofactory allows its pulp to count since 2014 with the Nordic Swan eco-label (official ecolabel of the Nordic countries) and, since last year, with the Eco-label (Ecolabel) of the EU for graph paper, tissue paper and tissue paper products.