The eucalyptus innovation group travels to France to learn about new management models

The Asturian Operational Group of Innovation (GOI) “Sustainability of the Eucalyptus Globulus” continues working to implement new measures that improve the management of forest property in the autonomous community. In this way, and after knowing first-hand innovative examples of management in Portugal, the members of the team that coordinates Ence, through Ceasa, moved to France and Navarre with the aim of continuing to contact successful initiatives in this field. The ultimate goal of his work will be to propose and develop a project of innovative solutions to increase the sustainability of eucalyptus plantations in Asturias.

In France, they made contact with the Alliance Forets Bois organization, which has a nursery in which they have achieved important genetic improvements, and where they learned about the operation and structure of this cooperative. It is an entity with more than 40,000 members, grouping more than 8 million hectares, 650 employees and half a century of experience. As points to highlight, they have a very beneficial tax system to support forest owners and the wood sector in general.

The members of this GOI also stopped in Pamplona, ​​where they visited the Forestry Association of Navarra. It is based on the figure of “civil and regular society”, to carry out a joint, simple and flexible management with forest owners. These are benefited by better management and greater efficiency and productivity, thanks to cooperative work. Another point to underline is the great support of the Navarre administration, when it comes to clarifying the property and correcting the deviations in the cadastre. One of the objectives of the group is to obtain these facilities for Asturias.

It should be remembered that the Group, coordinated Ence, includes in total four beneficiary members, which includes the main associations related to the Asturian forest sector: Asmadera, Profoas and Asymas.