The Ence biofactory in Navia starts a stop to complete the efficiency improvement and capacity expansion project “Navia 80”

Ence Navia’s biofactory starts a production stop today, which will last until October 30, with the aim of completing the expansion project called “Navia 80”. This action implies the improvement of almost all the industrial processes of the plant. The facilities will see their efficiency remarkably increased, while progressing towards excellence from an environmental point of view.

The project that is now culminating will increase the production capacity of the biofactory by 80,000 tons, to reach a capacity of 620,000 tons of pulp per year. This increase is based on the direct technological optimization of equipment and systems throughout the entire process, which will eliminate the current bottlenecks.

Together, it is an investment that exceeds 113 million euros, of which a third, 35 million, are used for environmental improvements. In this area, the reduction of water consumption or the improvement of effluent quality, as well as the eradication of odors and the minimization of noise stand out. All this is due to the application in the shipping plant of the most modern technologies available in the paper pulp production sector.

To complete all the actions included in the “Navia 80” project, 150 companies are expected to participate, and up to 1,200 workers simultaneously. As on previous occasions, the company has given priority to firms in the area and Asturias, in addition to working with international companies specialized in the pulp sector. All the operations in the plant will be carried out prioritizing the safety of the workers and the respect and care of the environment, strategic values ​​of the company.