The deadline for the receipt of projects that are eligible for Ence grants in San Juan del Puerto opens

Next week the deadline opens for social groups, companies and professionals in San Juan to present the projects with which they want to apply for financial support from Ence. This is the annual call for aid, worth 100,000 euros, contemplated in the Framework Agreement between the energy company and the Huelva City Council of San Juan del Puerto.

Until next August 27, all interested persons can present their proposals in the municipal registry of the San Juan consistory. Again, this year, the Agreement Follow-up Commission, made up of representatives of both entities, has agreed to maintain the extraordinary selection criteria that gives priority to projects whose objective is to alleviate needs or effects derived from the pandemic, whether social or economic. .

The Covid criterion thus joins the criteria established in the bases of the call, with which it is intended to guarantee that the projects that are selected respond to objectives of fight against social exclusion and care for social welfare, recovery and care of the environment natural, promoting entrepreneurship, sustaining sports and healthy lifestyles, and social and economic progress in the municipality of San Juan.

Ence thus maintains its commitment to the citizen groups in its environment as one of the most important criteria of its Sustainability policy.

In 2019, almost 5,300 people from twenty-one different groups in San Juan del Puerto were the direct beneficiaries of these grants. In 2020, the agreement met the needs of the City Council to face the pandemic worth 50,000 euros, and with the rest of the economic amount, the needs of eighteen social groups from San Juan were responded to for projects of high social interest.

Among other objectives, last year’s aid was used for the digital transformation and adaptation of educational centers, for the modernization of social centers, for the digital literacy of the elderly and to support local sports.

Natural and legal persons who carry out their activities in the municipality of San Juan del Puerto, are legally constituted and up to date with all their tax obligations, can apply for these grants. The bases are available in the corporate channels of the San Juan del Puerto City Council.