The bioplant that Ence is studying to start up in As Pontes, declared a Strategic Industrial Project by the Xunta de Galicia

The Xunta de Galicia has declared the initiative that Ence – Energía y Celulosa is studying to launch in As Pontes: a bioplant for the production of recovered bleached fiber and biomaterials. The company presented, last April, the formal request to the regional administration for the first phase of this project to be declared PIE; application that has now been approved.

The first phase of this bioplant for the production of recovered bleached fiber and biomaterials meets all the requirements of article 78 of Legislative Decree 1/2015 to be declared a Strategic Industrial Project. The declaration is justified by the importance of this pioneering project in terms of industry, employment and development of the bioeconomy.

In this sense, it must be remembered that the first phase of this project involves the start-up of a paper and cardboard recycling plant, giving a new life to these materials, fully aligned with the circular economy.

It is, therefore, an initiative whose fundamental raw material will be recovered cardboard and paper, so that it will not introduce more tension in the wood market, a limited resource, nor will it require additional eucalyptus plantations.

The bioplant that Ence projects for As Pontes constitutes a business initiative that reaches, in this first phase, an investment volume of €125M, the creation of 120 direct jobs and the closure of the pulp value chain, giving a second life to these materials: recovered cardboard and paper.

In addition, this initiative, a pioneer in Europe, is fully aligned with the objectives of the European Union linked to the circular economy, decarbonization and innovation.

The company has already closed an agreement for the purchase of the land on which this facility will be built (formerly the Saá coal park). In addition, it has successfully completed the pilot tests of the new and innovative process that represents the first phase of the project: the recycling and bleaching of recovered cardboard and paper, which is expected to start up in 2027.

As a result, this bioplant will generate employment opportunities in various sectors.

With this new advance, the company makes clear its desire to be part of the future of Galicia, developing sustainable and future industrial projects in the Galician community, capable of generating wealth and quality employment.