The biofactory of Ence Pontevedra completes its landscape integration project

Ence’s biofactory in Pontevedra has completed its landscape integration project, a pioneering initiative in the Spanish industrial sector that is part of the company’s sustainability and environmental responsibility policy. The project has involved an investment of 4 million euros and has had the participation of 18 Galician companies such as Constructora San José, Grúas Norte, Metalyset, and Cortizo, among others.

The most visible buildings of the industrial complex of Ence in Lourizán have been provided with an envelope that, due to its shapes, elaboration and chromatic tones, makes possible a greater landscape integration of the biopharmaceutical in its surroundings.

Likewise, woodland masses have been introduced around the industrial complex, in addition to strengthening the existing landscaped areas of the plot. These small forests visually integrate the plot to the Lourizán arboretum behind it and allow the industrial enclave and its buildings to be surrounded by different plant fronts, which will be more evident in successive years, with the growth of trees.

To improve the landscape integration of the Pontevedra biofactory in its surroundings, Ence launched an international architectural competition in 2012, whose winner was the “Own Material” project, by the architects Orts and Trullenque, which has now culminated. It should be noted that the call was attended by 102 offices of architects, whose proposals were exposed to citizenship for two months.

Ence works so that all its plants are examples of sustainability, a strategic axis for the company. Ence-Pontevedra is, in fact, an example of a contribution to the bioeconomy and the circular economy, and has been recognized with prestigious international recognition, such as the European Commission’s Gold Distinction for its environmental improvement and the Nordic Swan ecolabel, official ecological seal of the Scandinavian governments. With this new milestone, Ence Pontevedra goes one step further in this firm commitment to care and respect for its social and environmental environment.