Respect for the dignity of people and equal opportunities are two of the fundamental ethical pillars of Ence. Our company understands diversity as an asset that generates value that fosters innovation and enriches all our employees personally and professionally.

In this context, Ence contemplates diversity not only in terms of gender, but also of cultural, generational, ideological, sexual orientation, abilities and competencies, of different capacities, as well as of any other personal, physical or social condition.

That is why we have approved a Policy on Diversity and Equal Opportunities, which establishes the principles of action to achieve real equality among all our employees and to avoid any exclusionary or discriminatory conduct.

Our company also seeks to create a work environment in which individual differences are valued and which constitutes a hallmark of Ence to attract and retain talent.


Equality Plan 2019-2020

Ence is also committed to reducing the salary difference and increasing the representation of women in the workforce, and for this purpose has developed Equality Objectives for the period 2019-2020, which includes ten measures that are directly related to the commitment of the company with the people, and that cover the following points:

  • Professional Development: In relation to the presence of women in the Ence staff, identify active policies to level the unequal representation by gender throughout the organization and at different levels, define objectives to be achieved and monitor their compliance.
  • Selection Processes: Enhance the attraction of female talent.
  • Salary Difference: Analyze each case on a case by case basis the wage difference between men and women, assess the economic cost and define the action plan and deadlines to achieve wage equalization.
  • Reconciliation measures: To promote a rational balance between professional and personal life.

In addition, to ensure compliance with these Equality Objectives, the company has developed a Technical Equality Commission at the level of the entire Group, which meets periodically to follow up on the measures established in the Equality Plan 2019-2020 and propose new performances.