Sheep of local shepherds for the sustainability of the energy production of Magnon in Huelva

Magnon Green Energy, the energy subsidiary of the Ence Group, has incorporated some very special ‘workers’ in Huelva: a flock of sheep that will be in charge of the maintenance and sustainable control of the vegetation under the photovoltaic panels of the self-consumption plant that the Huelva operations center has.

This synergy with the social environment, specifically with local sheep herders, constitutes a sustainable practice that allows multiple advantages to be generated. On the one hand, the use of machinery and herbicides to control the vegetation under the photovoltaic panels is avoided, and on the other, the energy efficiency of the installation is increased. In return, the cattle get shade, protection, shelter and food.

To guarantee animal welfare, the company has put into service water troughs, refuge spaces and has reinforced the security of the perimeter.

This Magnon initiative is aligned with the principles of sustainable management and commitment to the environment with which the company develops all its operations, and joins the numerous social benefits of its energy activity with biomass.

According to data from the Association of Renewable Energy Companies (APPA), each megawatt installed for biomass sustains 25 direct, indirect and induced jobs, which raises the social impact of the activity of the plants to 4,500 jobs, mostly residents of neighboring towns.

Magnon has three biomass renewable energy production plants in Huelva with a total installed capacity of 137 MW, capable of producing more than 890,000 MWh per year and enough to supply the electricity needs of more than 242,000 homes.

The renewable energy company continues to bet on sustainable growth towards other renewable sources, such as solar energy. In fact, Magnon has photovoltaic technology projects, with a combined capacity of 300MW, in an incipient stage of development.

In addition, as part of its commitment to the just energy transition, the company is studying new solutions and cutting-edge developments linked to energy management, biogas and storage, to continue contributing to the decarbonisation of the electricity mix and provide stability to the system.