San Juan del Puerto completes the palisades for its traditional capeas with Ence eucalyptus

The assembly of the palisades for their traditional encierro and their capeas with heifers announces each year the proximity of the patron saint festivities of the Huelva town of San Juan del Puerto, a festival with which Ence has been collaborating for more than 30 years donating the sticks of eucalyptus with which these street structures are built.

The woods, as is known locally to the trunks of eucalyptus of Ence, are already modifying the usual appearance of the streets of the town to allow Sanjuaneros, and the many visitors who will receive these days -from June 18 to 24-, enjoy with security of one of the encierros and one of the most traditional capeas of the province of Huelva whose origins go back to the XVII century.

For that each year, technicians of the municipality of San Juan del Puerto and the forest area of ​​Ence are coordinated to choose the most suitable trunks on the mountain by their shape and size, and the company is responsible for preparing them in the most appropriate length to build the palisades.

For Ence, this collaboration of so many years is proof of the importance for the company to maintain a quality relationship with the environment, and to support the traditions and interests of the social groups that are neighbors of their energy and forestry activities.