San Juan del Puerto and Ence renew the framework collaboration agreement and their commitment to sustainability

The Huelva City Council of San Juan del Puerto and Ence have renewed the framework collaboration agreement with which, since 2018, the company finances specific agreements worth 100,000 euros per year. The projects that access these grants result in the socio-environmental improvement and the economic future of the local communities. The document was signed today in San Juan Puerto by the San Juan mayor, Rocío Cárdenas, and the president of Ence, Ignacio Colmenares.

The renewed agreement gives continuity to the commitment and mutual collaboration that has characterized both entities for years, whose management priorities are aimed at facilitating the social, economic and environmental development of local groups. For Ence, sustainability is a strategic priority, a way to consolidate a business model that contributes to the Circular Economy and in which respect for people, both inside and outside the company, is a fundamental value.

In 2019, almost 5,300 people from twenty-one different groups in San Juan del Puerto were direct beneficiaries of the aid under the agreement that was renewed today. He highlighted the support for important projects for the tourist development of the San Juan del Puerto marshes area and to improve the safety of citizens, as well as social initiatives aimed at reinforcing the role of women in society, to recover popular activities and to support the active local sport.

In 2020, and to strengthen the capacity of the City Council in its fight against the pandemic, Ence advanced in April half the amount of the agreement in direct aid to the council. The rest of the amount of aid was awarded to eighteen projects considered of social interest for the people and for the needs caused in their associative fabric by the health situation. Supported, among other objectives, were the digital transformation and adaptation of educational center facilities, the modernization of social centers, digital literacy for the elderly and local sports.

For the San Juan del Puerto City Council, the renewed framework agreement represents an important boost to the strategic plans that the local institution is currently working on. According to the mayor, Rocío Cárdenas, “the support that Ence has been providing in these years and the signing of this agreement has a positive impact on the future and better development of our town, and consolidates the close relationships between this institution and the company.”

For Ence, this agreement is a confirmation of the company’s increasingly firm commitment to sustainability and, therefore, to improving the environment and the socioeconomic environment of its activities. For Ignacio Colmenares, president of Ence, “there is no license more important and necessary for a company of the future than the social license, and that is why it is one of our management priorities and we keep it in mind in every day decision-making.