At Ence we are pioneers in the sustainable use of biomass as a renewable source of energy. We manage forest areas for the supply of pulp production and energy generation processes following the most demanding and internationally recognized sustainability and corporate responsibility criteria.

In addition, we have developed a specific know-how which guarantees sustainability in the supply of biomass of agricultural origin to our independent power plants. This includes procedures and policies which are highly respectful of the environment, the biomass priority uses and the good agricultural practices.

In this line of commitment to sustainability in biomass use, in 2017 we developed our Sustainability Decalogue for Biomass as a Fuel, a pioneering initiative for Spanish companies established to ensure total sustainability in biomass use and environmental care in its use as an energy source.

With such endeavour Ence anticipates the future of biomass generation and guarantees – to all our stakeholders – the sustainable use of biomass and a permanent respect for natural resources. To prepare it, Ence has relied on the criteria required to create biomass sustainability established by some of the most important environmental European organizations.


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