Ence’s industrial production system is based on research, development and innovation activities.

Research activities in the field of pulp production are focused on the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and, as a result, in the products offered and our continuous adaptation to market needs.

Collaborative projects with customers in the paper industry are particularly valuable for adapting Ence’s product to the market’s actual needs, addressing the specific requirements of the multiple applications of the pulp produced by the company.

More specifically, in the area of ​​transformation and production, the efforts made in R&D&I focus on improving specific yield, by introducing and implementing energy efficiency innovations and reducing wood consumption during brewing (by adapting new continuous-brewing systems).

Ence also researches and innovates in the technological improvements of ECF and TCF Ecological pulps, with a view to improving paper performance, increasing quality and reducing the use of chemical products.

All of Ence’s production centres have a specialized Research, Development and Innovation unit, dedicated to improving industrial processes and the development of pulp features suited to the needs of our customers.


From 2015 to 2018 Ence developed Lignospread Project, which aims to increase the value of the lignin present in the black liquors of the paper industry, to transform them into new competitive and environmentally sustainable products.

With this investment in R&D, we seek the alignment of our production centre towards the concept of integral bio-refinery.



New sustainable flocculants for water treatment.

New more sustainable detergents and surface cleaners.


Sustainable polyurethane foams for fillings for the automotive sector.

Asset 10

Insulating panels for the construction sector.

Stabilizers for forest soils.


During 2018 Ence has started to develop the works that are part of Novacell, an advanced R&D project which will be developed in our Pontevedra biofactory. The project aims to manufacture new generations of pulp micro and nanoparticles to be used in strategic industrial products. The project is called Novacell.

This is a cutting-edge technology project in the field of bioeconomy, which will allow to obtain nanopulp that will open the way to manufacturing a wide range of innovative products created from a renewable raw material, such as eucalyptus, in order to replace materials derived from petroleum and plastics.

Find more information about the Novacell Project here


5,5 million euros direct and indirect


91 highly specialized work positions