Our pulp biofactories have a technology that allows them to be self-sufficient in terms of energy, using renewable resources.

In 2020 Ence Pontevedra generated more than 256 GWh of energy through two backpressure turbines that use biomass derived from trees in the pulp production process. The installed capacity of our Galician biofactory for renewable biomass power generation is 35 MW.

Ence Navia generated around 606 GWh of renewable energy in the same year. After its expansion, ten years ago, our Asturian biofactory has doubled its power generation capacity, reaching an installed capacity of 77 MW through a backpressure turbine (for lignin) and a condensation turbine (for forest waste biomass).

The energy facilities of our biofactories are integrated into the quality systems of each industrial complex. Each one of them has the ISO 9001 Quality and the ISO 14001 Environment certifications and are present in the Register of companies adhered voluntarily to the European Eco-Management and Audit Regulation (EMAS). Also, both of them have the Management System for Occupational Risks Prevention, certified according to the OHSAS 18001 standard.