The Navia (Asturias) biofactory is Ence’s highest production capacity plant. After the recent expansion and improvement of its facilities, it has positioned itself among the leaders of the European eucalyptus market. The factory’s current production capacity of high-quality eucalyptus ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free-) pulp is 685,000 tons/year. Such capacity was increased with the execution of the “Navia 80” Project in 2019, which has entail a capacity expansion in the factory of 80,000 tons.

With the expansion and improvement of our facilities, Ence Navia has become the largest European and most efficient pulp factory in the eucalyptus market.

Navia pulp is especially valued by the market of paper specialties, thanks to the quality of the wood used and a process focused on obtaining the quality parameters required in decorative, multilayer, filters and other special papers, while maintaining the parameters required by printing and writing papers and tissue. Navia’s production is mainly destined to the European Union.

The production plant is located on the right bank of the Navia River, occupying a total area of ​​505,130 square meters.