Leading European producer of eucalyptus pulp

Ence is the leading European company in eucalyptus pulp production and the second in terms of market share. Our pulp production capacity is up to 1,200,000 tons annually.

The company produces high quality eucalyptus pulp at our biofarms in Navia (Asturias) and Pontevedra, where we apply the most environmentally friendly technologies and continuous improvement processes to reinforce our competitiveness and quality. This allows us to export about 92% of our pulp production to Europe where the most demanding world market customers are found, using an advanced logistics system.

Pulp is used mainly as a raw material for paper production. In 2020, 59% of Ence’s pulp was used to manufacture tissue, 8% for printing and writing paper, 26% for specialties and the remaining 7% for packaging production.

Ence has incorporated the Best Available Techniques (BAT), as defined for the pulp and paper sector under the international regulation BREF, and Best Environmental Practice (BEP) into its production processes.

Pulp production

Ence produces high quality eucalyptus pulp at its plants in Navia (Asturias) and Pontevedra.

Application of the Best Available Techniques

Emission minimization

Lignospread and Novacell R&D&I Projects

Innovative management system

Occupational Risk Prevention

Odour and noise reduction


tons produced in 2020


destined for Europe

Navia and Pontevedra Pulp

Navia 572.567

tons of ECF pulp
(Elemental Chlorine Free) in 2020

Pontevedra 434.718

tons of TCF pulp
(Total Chlorine Free) in 2020