More than 250 companies in the forestry sector have benefited from Ence’s “Crecemos juntos” program

More than 250 companies in the forestry sector collaborating with Ence have benefited from the “Grow Together” program, through which the company seeks to promote sustainability, within the framework of its commitment to improving forest management and the development of its companies collaborators

The program was launched last October. Through “Crecemos juntos”, all collaborators – such as harvesting contractors, suppliers and forestry associations – obtain points that can be exchanged for products or services.

This program has been very well received, surpassing Ence’s 250 employees, such as Servicios Integrales Mufer, Maderas Sedes, Forestnovo, S.L., Maderas Patricio, Manuel Rama Chans and Maderas Ramón Rodríguez, among others.

Since the beginning of the year the first exchanges have been seen, up to a total of 250 registered, between protection equipment, light machinery and heavy machinery, mainly (processors, harvesters, forwarders and pick ups, among others).


Ence has allocated an investment of more than € 1,200,000 to this program, which represents a firm commitment to the development, growth and improvement of the security of companies and associations related to the sector.

After the good reception of the initiative, the second edition of the catalog has already been launched, to which new products have been added: altogether, there are already more than 50 references of the main manufacturers of forestry machinery and EPIs.

The company has made available to its collaborators the website, a channel through which the balance of the points can be known and exchanged, see the catalog of products and consult the bases of the program.