Magnon’s new photovoltaic asset in Huelva already has all the necessary authorizations for its construction

Magnon Green Energy, the Renewable Energy subsidiary of the Ence Group, has obtained the Environmental Authorization and the Administrative Construction Authorization for its new photovoltaic solar asset in Huelva.

This plant, located in the vicinity of the Huelva energy complex, will have an installed capacity of 10MW, which will allow it to generate up to 17,500 MWh per year of photovoltaic solar renewable energy. Thanks to its activity, the energy needs of more than 4,750 Spanish homes will be covered.

The Magnon team has led this first phase of development of the project with the help of different Andalusian companies in the area. The plant, which will begin construction soon, will bring dynamism to the local industrial fabric, reinforced by the activity of the 3 renewable energy generation plants with biomass that Magnon has in Huelva, among which is Huelva 50 MW, the largest in Spain in this technology.

This is the first of the 5 assets under development that Magnon has in Andalusia, located in Lepe, Seville, Andújar and the Granada town of Atarfe. The company expects to acquire their respective environmental authorizations between the second quarter of 2022 and early 2023. With a combined capacity of 373 MW, the sale of these projects will take place between 2022 and 2024, as part of an asset rotation process. closed last December.

The renewable energy company has extensive experience in developing projects, as part of its firm commitment to renewable energy and, specifically, to photovoltaics. In fact, in addition to working to achieve the aforementioned, it is immersed in new challenges: Magnon has projects of this technology with a combined capacity of 300MW, in an incipient stage of development.

Likewise, Magnon’s roadmap includes growth and diversification into new fields. The company is studying new solutions and cutting-edge developments that contribute to the decarbonisation of the electricity mix and provide stability to the system. These projects are linked to energy management, biofuels, biogas and storage.