Magnon works with the agricultural sector to value the remains of pruning and other biomass with the financing of machinery

Magnon Green Energy, the Ence Group’s renewable energy subsidiary, has launched a project to promote the entry of machinery into the agricultural biomass sector. Within this project, Magnon will finance machinery for the biomass suppliers with which it collaborates through long-term sustainable agreements.

As a result of this initiative, there have already been 4 machines that the energy company has financed for its suppliers, with the aim of bringing out the biomass of the olive and fruit trees.

In this way, Magnon seeks to promote the growth of its suppliers and accompany them in the development and improvement of their activity. In addition, it reinforces its contribution to the olive sector, a key player in the Spanish countryside.

Magnon’s commitment to the rural environment around his plants is firm. Thanks to the biomass that it uses from the surroundings of its facilities, located in the provinces of Huelva, Córdoba, Jaén, Ciudad Real and Badajoz, the company generates renewable and manageable energy and whose contribution to the Spanish electricity system contributes to its energy independence.

The company’s activity in these towns reactivates the rural economy. The 8 Magnon plants provide a high socioeconomic value, since they contribute to the industrialization and rural development of their surroundings, thus contributing to the structuring of the territory and the establishment of the population.

Thanks to this decentralization of the industry, it actively contributes to the fight against “Empty Spain”. In fact, the generation of energy with biomass is the renewable that generates the most jobs – 25 direct and indirect jobs for each MW of installed power, according to the Association of Renewable Companies (APPA) -. Thus, Magnon’s contribution to the socioeconomic development of these areas amounts to 6,500 jobs.

All those people who are interested in knowing more information about this project can contact Magnon by phone 699 57 97 15 or by email at