Magnon successfully completes the annual technical shutdown of its Puertollano plant, in which it has invested 600,000 euros

Magnon Green Energy, the Ence Group’s renewable energy subsidiary, has successfully completed the annual technical shutdown of its Puertollano facilities, in which it has invested 600,000 euros, earmarked for equipment improvement operations to maintain the environmental excellence of its facilities , as well as revision and maintenance actions that result in an increase in the operational performance and safety of the plant.

Up to 250 people have worked daily on the different tasks that have been carried out during the shutdown, in coordinated work between the Magnon staff and the almost 40 auxiliary companies hired for this project – 60% of them from the Ciudad Real area –.

In order to ensure the correct development of the wide variety and quantity of scheduled work, a specific safety plan has been put in place with which the process has been completed with zero accidents.

Thanks to these works, Magnon manages to materialize its management lines: environmental and safety excellence, the continuous improvement of its results and facilities, and the social and economic commitment to the environment.

Inaugurated at the beginning of 2020, Biollano 50 MW is an example of a just energy transition, since the company used the old Elcogás site for the construction of this plant, which made it possible to maintain quality industrial employment, contributing to revitalization of the economy of the area and favoring the decarbonisation of the Spanish energy system.

Magnon’s commitment to Castilla La Mancha is firm. The company continues to be committed to promoting the social and economic development of the area through different branches of its activity. A clear example is the Sarmiento Project, which provides a sustainable solution for pruning waste in the region and in which it invested 4.3 million euros over the past year.