Magnon Servicios Energéticas: the subsidiary of the Ence Group specialized in the sale of renewable industrial heat

Magnon Servicios Energético is the new subsidiary of the Ence Group, which contributes to the decarbonization of Spanish industry thanks to the sale of renewable industrial heat.

This subsidiary designs, develops and executes comprehensive solutions for the decarbonization of its clients’ energy consumption, supported by the extensive experience of the Ence Group, and its renewable subsidiary Magnon Green Energy, in the management of sustainable and certified biomass.

In this way, Magnon Servicios Energéticas makes innovative decarbonization solutions available to industries for thermal industrial applications, from a renewable and manageable generation source: agroforestry biomass. It is a local, sustainable and certified resource, through which industrial companies can reduce their CO2 emissions and decarbonize their activity.

The company offers a comprehensive service that includes the entire energy value chain: it advises, designs, builds and finances its clients’ renewable energy production plants to subsequently operate, maintain them and guarantee the supply of the renewable biomass resource. All this, in order to provide a long-term renewable thermal energy delivery service with technical, safety and quality guarantees.

In this way, its clients outsource their energy needs, allowing them to meet their decarbonization objectives through a tailored, efficient model that produces economic advantages, reduces operational risks and has a high-value socio-environmental impact on the territory. , contributing to the structuring and development of the rural environment.

For client industries, the solutions offered by Magnon Servicios Energético provide environmental advantages – such as reducing the CO2 footprint –; economic – thanks to the competitiveness of the price of biomass compared to natural gas and the CO2 emission rights associated with it, as well as thanks to the stability in price, supply and the energy independence it entails –; and operational – leaving in the hands of a team with extensive experience in energy management a service adapted to your needs, with the maximum guarantees in terms of operation and safety –.

The company, which has already signed its first contract, has a portfolio of projects in the food and beverage, chemical and paper sales sectors, and continues working on its growth.