Magnon renews with San Juan del Puerto the framework agreement endowed with one hundred thousand euros

Magnon Green Energy, the energy subsidiary of the Ence Group, has renewed the collaboration framework agreement with the San Juan del Puerto City Council whereby social groups in this Huelva town receive 100,000 euros annually in aid for projects that result in socioeconomic, cultural And social. Magnon thus gives continuity to this important initiative that has energized the local associative fabric of San Juan since 2018.

Marc Gómez, CEO of Magnon Green Energy, and Rocío Cárdenas, mayor of San Juan del Puerto, held a meeting today in which, in addition to signing the renewal of the agreement, they discussed how to continue strengthening the solid lines of collaboration that characterize the relationships between the two entities.

In the words of Marc Gómez, ‘this agreement is proof of the clear focus we have on developing our activity in a way that represents a lever for social, economic and environmental improvement for our environment’. For Magnon, ‘sustainability is not just about doing things well and with the least impact, it is making the people we live with feel safe and proud to have us around’.

Rocío Cárdenas has shown herself “very satisfied to sign this agreement for the fourth consecutive year, which is essential for our social groups to work to improve San Juan.” As stated by the mayor, ‘in addition to the council’s resources is the help of this neighboring company that is fulfilling its social commitments to our town, and with whom we work hand in hand for a better environmental and economic future’.

Today’s signing opens the way for the publication of this year’s rules in the coming weeks, so that associations and entities from San Juan can present their projects and access the company’s aid. The fundamental requirement is that they be initiatives that are oriented towards socio-environmental improvement and the economic future of the town.

In 2021, the provision of 100,000 euros of aid served to continue supporting vulnerable groups such as minors, the elderly or people with functional diversity, reinforcing their resources to meet the needs caused by Covid-19. Also to advance in the improvement of educational quality and in the reduction of the digital gap of local centers, as well as for innovative initiatives such as online training of children in pictorial language to encourage their creativity, sustainable agricultural development or the promotion of renewable energies for domestic electricity consumption.

Other proposals benefited last year were aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles such as sports in all its forms, and also natural tourism in the closest environment. Likewise, in 2021, among the selected projects, initiatives for the production of audiovisual works on topics of high social interest such as the flight of young talent or gender violence stood out.

In total, thirty different groups from San Juan del Puerto benefited last year directly from aid under the agreement that has been renewed today.

For Magnon, this agreement reaffirms the company’s commitment to sustainability, and, therefore, to the environmental and socioeconomic improvement of the surroundings of its activities.