Magnon opens the period for receiving social projects that request help within the framework of its Collaboration Agreement with San Juan del Puerto

The publication tomorrow of the bases of the Collaboration Framework Agreement between Magnon Green Energy and the San Juan del Puerto City Council opens the period for the reception of projects that want to benefit from these aids endowed with 100,000 euros by the renewable energy subsidiary of the Ence group – Energy and Cellulose.

2023 is the sixth call for these social aids, promoted by the company within its solid sustainability policy, aimed especially at social groups in the immediate vicinity of the Magnon energy complex in Huelva.

As in previous years, projects can be submitted by both individuals and legal entities that are legally constituted and up to date with their obligations, and that carry out their activity in the San Juan municipality. A mixed commission formed in equal parts between Magnon and the San Juan City Council, will assess the projects based on the criteria established in the bases to identify those with the greatest social, economic and environmental impact.

The initiatives that aspire to obtain help must be framed in one of the areas that specify the bases: the fight against exclusion and care of social welfare; the recovery and care of the natural environment; the promotion of entrepreneurship; the maintenance of sport and healthy lifestyle habits; and the social and economic progress of the San Juan municipality.

Until next April 30, interested persons can present their proposals in the municipal registry of the San Juan town hall in person or online.

Last year, there were 21 initiatives that benefited from Magnon aid and allowed, among other benefits, to continue advancing in the improvement of such important areas as educational quality, reduction of the digital divide, innovation or better assistance to most vulnerable groups, and the support of sport in almost all its modalities.

In total, after five calls, Magnon has supported 90 initiatives that have resulted in socioeconomic and cultural improvement from which all San Juan citizens benefit, more than 9,000 people.