Magnon invests more than 7 million euros in technical shutdowns at its 8 plants

Magnon Green Energy, the Ence Group’s energy subsidiary, has invested more than 7 million euros in the annual shutdowns of its eight biomass-based renewable energy generation plants in 2022. These are periodic operations of review and maintenance of the company’s facilities, to strengthen their safety and achieve improvements in their operational and environmental efficiency.

For the correct implementation of these improvements, Magnon’s plants have had to shut down their production processes in stages over the last few months. More than 1,500 people have worked in a coordinated manner in these operations. To ensure the correct development of the great variety and quantity of programmed work, a specific safety plan has been implemented, as every year, with which the processes have been completed with zero lost-time accidents.

The successful results of each of the shutdowns, a key moment in the year for the facilities, have been possible thanks to the collaboration of the Magnon team with 200 auxiliary companies, mostly from the area surrounding the plants, located in the provinces of Huelva, Jaén, Córdoba, Ciudad Real and Badajoz.

In addition to the usual maintenance, overhaul and cleaning of the equipment, these stoppages have been used to introduce operational and environmental improvements in the plants, which on this occasion have focused on the reliability of biomass transport and processing systems, improved manageability to increase their participation in adjustment markets and the energy efficiency of the boiler.

Thanks to this work, Magnon is able to materialise its management lines: environmental and safety excellence, continuous improvement of its results and facilities, and social and economic commitment to the environment.

Magnon has a total of 8 plants located in the south of Spain: three in Huelva, with a total installed capacity of 137 MW, making this a benchmark energy complex in Europe; one in Jaén and another in Córdoba; two in the province of Ciudad Real, located in Puertollano and Villarta de San Juan and, lastly, one in Mérida.