Magnon Green Energy, Ence’s renewable energy business currently has three biomass power generation plants at its Huelva energy complex with a total capacity of 137 MW, which produce more than 800 million kWh per year.

Since 2012, the 50 MW biomass power generation plant, the most important in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, has been progressing at the Huelva complex. The plant consumes over 500,000 tons of biomass a year to produce 180 tons per hour of steam at a pressure of 100 bar and a temperature of 500 ºC, providing thermal energy that will enable the turbine to produce more than 400,000 MWh/year.

Huelva 50 MW was built according to the Best Available Techniques as recommended by the EU for the transport, storage and production of energy from biomass. These techniques include the system of selective non-catalytic reduction, which is a method for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions. Ence’s commitment to fluid bed boiler technology, the use of natural gas as auxiliary fuel for isolated operations and the incorporation of an efficient electrostatic precipitator to capture combustion gases at the boiler outlet also enable Ence to comply with our objective to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.

Magnon also has another 41 MW biomass generation plant in Huelva, with an annual production of over 170 million kWh.



Huelva 46 MW, high efficiency and low emission in biomass energy production.

Recently, Magnon Green Energy has completed construction work on a new 46 MW low emission biomass power generation plant at the site. The new plant can produce an estimated figure of over 300 million kWh of electricity per year, and is scheduled to enter into official operation soon.

Magnon will use the most advanced technologies and systems to guarantee permanent respect for the environment. Moreover, all the procedures and methods of the civil works and the various energy, electromechanical and control equipment necessary for its operation, will help the new Magnon’s plant in offering the highest levels of energy efficiency in a facility of this kind.

This ambitious project consolidates Magnon’s site in Huelva as the most important and advanced biomass generation energy complex in Spain and one of the most important investment bets of the company.