Magnon Green Energy produces renewable, solid and manageable energy source

Magnon Green Energy, Ence’s renewable energy business is the first company in Spain in renewable energy production with forestry and agricultural biomass. Magnon has a total installed capacity of 266 MW of agroforestry biomass power generation. Its renewable energy production rose to more than 1,400 GWh in 2021.

Renewable energy with biomass has a huge development potential in Spain. In fact, it is the only renewable energy that presents a positive economic balance for the benefits generated given its capacity to create employment, develop the rural environment and contribute to the improvement of the environment. In this sense, it should be noted, in addition to the capture of CO2, its contribution to the care and cleaning of the mountains, with a reduction in the risk of fires of up to 70%, as well as the use of agricultural biomass, which avoids It is uncontrolled and polluting in our fields.

In addition, biomass is the most stable and the only manageable renewable energy, without depending on variable factors such as wind or water, so it could participate in the progressive replacement of coal or nuclear generation.

Magnon Green Energy generates energy in 8 production plants

Magnon generates renewable electricity in eight independent production plants: three in Huelva, two in the province of Ciudad Real, one in Córdoba, one in Mérida and one in Jaén. These are generation plants that feed on biomass of agroforestry origin.

On the other hand, Ence’s pulp biofactories in Pontevedra and Navia generate 112 MW through its sustainable and low-emission generation and cogeneration plants -derived from the pulp production process-, which ensure the energy self-sufficiency of these facilities.

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Benefits of biomass energy

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Fully manageable renewable energy generation


Steady and safe energy


Neutral in CO2 emissions, contributes to mitigate climate change


A homegrown energy resource, abundant in Spain


Prevents fires and the uncontrolled burning of stubble

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The energy that contributes the most to rural development and employment

8 plants

in operation

1,400 GWh

of renewable energy production in 2020

  • Data show the great potential of various Autonomous Communities. The Andalusian Community stands out in this regard, being able to reach a power generation capacity of 2.7 GWt.
  • The great possibilities of communities such as Castilla La Mancha and Castilla León with a potential of 1.5 GWt and 1.3 GWt, respectively, should also be noted.
  • The Community of Aragon could install 1 GWt of capacity and Extremadura would achieve a power generation capacity of 0.9 GWt. The Valencian Community may aspire to install a capacity of 0.7 GWt.