Magnon contributes to the San Juan del Puerto festivities with the traditional donation of eucalyptus sticks for the palisades

Magnon Green Energy and its parent company, the Ence group, continue for another year the historical donation of eucalyptus wood that the company makes to the San Juan del Puerto City Council for the construction of street palisades for its traditional festivals. It is a collaboration that has been maintained for more than 30 years on the occasion of the patron saint celebrations of this Huelva town.

The wood, valued at more than six thousand euros, has been transferred by Ence’s Heritage management, and Magnon, the company’s renewable energy subsidiary, has been in charge of paying for the felling and processing work. Previously, forestry technicians from the company and those responsible for the City Council have coordinated to choose the most appropriate trees and supervise the preparation of the trunks in the appropriate dimensions to build the well-known palisades.

For the Ence Group, this collaboration is a sign of its interest in being an active part of neighboring communities and their needs. In the words of the director of the Magnon complex in Huelva, Diego Lamela, “our company is proud to be present in such deep-rooted customs, and even more so to see the eucalyptus wood, which is a hallmark of our company, temporarily transforming the physiognomy of the neighboring town and being an honor witness of festivities and joy’.

For Rocío Cárdenas, mayoress of San Juan del Puerto, “the wood that they give us year after year, in addition to being an essential part of our long-awaited and endearing Patron Saint Festivities of San Juan Bautista, is essential for our traditional capeas to take place with maximum security for all people”.

Since last June 17 and until the next 23rd, the citizens of San Juan del Puerto, as well as thousands of visitors from all over the province, are meeting in the town of Huelva to enjoy this tradition that dates back to the 17th century. .