Magnon collaborates with the Ministry of Sustainable Development to clean the mountains and valorize the forest waste from the forestry activity of Ciudad Real

The Ministry of Sustainable Development, through its public company GEACAM, has awarded the Ence Group’s renewable energy subsidiary, Magnon Green Energy, the valorization of forest remains in the mountains of the province of Ciudad Real where the company It has two renewable energy generation plants from biomass: Enemansa, in Villarta de San Juan, and Biollano, in the town of Puertollano.

In this way, the company will manage these remains of the Castilian-La Mancha mountains for their recovery, giving them a new function: generating renewable, stable and manageable energy that supplies electricity to homes in the region, contributing to the decarbonization of the Spanish energy system. Furthermore, with this valorization, the organization collaborates in the prevention of possible forest fires, and in the protection of the ecosystems of the natural spaces where it carries out these tasks.

Through this award, Magnon promotes principles of sustainability and circular economy, a production model of which its biomass facilities are a paradigm. Both Biollano and Enemansa take advantage of the agroforestry remains of the areas near their facilities and use the most advanced technologies and systems to guarantee permanent respect for the environment.

For Guillermo Negro, CEO of Magnon, “this project is one more step in our commitment to extend renewable energy with biomass in the La Mancha community, a technology committed to the preservation of nature and its biodiversity, as well as to the rural environment.” .
With this collaboration and with the help of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, through its public company GEACAM, Magnon demonstrates its commitment to the community of Castilla-La Mancha and the care of its ecosystems, while reinforcing proximity relationships . with the environments that surround its energy facilities, for which it acts as an economic, social and environmental engine.