Magnon and San Juan del Puerto renew the annual 100,000 euro grants for the fifth year running

The CEO of Magnon Green Energy, Guillermo Negro, and the mayoress of San Juan del Puerto, Rocío Cárdenas, have signed this morning the renewal of the framework agreement of collaboration endowed with 100,000 euros to support the activity of social groups and entrepreneurs of this Huelva town in 2023. This initiative of the sustainability policy of the Ence Group’s energy subsidiary is consolidated after five years of uninterrupted aid in which 90 initiatives have already been supported that result in the socio-economic and cultural improvement of the citizens of San Juan.

In the words of Guillermo Negro, “the sustainability of our activity has an essential pillar in the social aspect. Agreements such as the one we are renewing today are those that endorse this commitment, especially with the people of San Juan del Puerto, with whom we already share a long history of coexistence and solid relations”.

Rocío Cárdenas expressed her satisfaction with Magnon’s continued commitment to the civil society of San Juan del Puerto “for whom it would be more difficult to continue working for the benefit of San Juan del Puerto without this extraordinary income that complements the permanent municipal commitment that we make from the town hall. The work of the San Juan associative network is fundamental for the important work carried out by the associations in the different social areas in which they work”.

As every year, over the next few months the rules for these grants will be defined and published in order to receive proposals from organisations and people from San Juan who work to improve the social, environmental or economic situation of their town. So far, within the framework of these grants, 90 initiatives have received financial support for a wide range of objectives, always of direct benefit to the entire population of San Juan.

Among other objectives, the beneficiary projects to date have been aimed at supporting healthy sporting habits in almost all its forms, caring for the most vulnerable groups such as the disabled and the elderly, and improving the quality of education with initiatives aimed at reducing inequalities and the digital divide. Aid has also been used in recent years to improve the resources of the municipal Civil Protection services and the Muelle de San Juan sports area. Likewise, projects have been financed aimed at developing entrepreneurial projects based on innovation, promoting local natural tourism, improving the emotional and mental wellbeing of the people of San Juan, strengthening the role of women in San Juan society, and recovering the cultural heritage and customs of this Huelva town, among other important benefits.

For Magnon, the activity of energy generation with agroforestry biomass, as well as its entire management model, are deeply aligned with the criteria of economic, social and environmental sustainability that guarantee results orientation, mutual benefit in relations with its stakeholders, and the continuous minimisation of impacts on the environment.