The Magnon renewable energy plant in Lucena successfully completes its annual technical shutdown, in which it has invested 300,000 euros

Magnon Green Energy has successfully completed the annual technical shutdown at its facilities in Lucena (Córdoba), in which it has invested 300,000 euros, earmarked for equipment improvement operations to achieve environmental excellence, as well as review and maintenance actions that result in in increasing the operational performance and safety of the plant.

The coordinated work of almost twenty companies in the area has achieved the correct implementation of these improvements in the Cordoba plant. Among these, the modifications of the fuel feed silos and the biomass screening system stand out, which have managed to expand the different types of biomass consumed by the plant, despite having been designed to have olive pomace as its main fuel. olive.

To ensure the correct development of the great variety and quantity of scheduled work, a specific safety plan has been launched, as every year, with which the process has been completed with zero accidents.

The Magnon plant in Lucena generates renewable energy from the surrounding agricultural biomass, mainly pomace from the olive groves of Cordoba. The generation of energy with biomass is not only a paradigm of the circular economy, but also avoids the mismanagement of agroforestry remains, which leads to their abandonment in natural spaces and, on numerous occasions, an uncontrolled burning of the same. , with serious environmental consequences. Good management of these remains protects the mountains and crop fields and, in addition, helps the stability of the system, since the energy produced through biomass is the only renewable that can be managed.

Together with the biomass plant, a cogeneration process is also being developed using a natural gas turbine for drying the pomace, a process in which electricity is also produced. However, said turbine has been paralyzed since last June, due to the current energy situation.

Thanks to these works, Magnon manages to materialize its management lines: environmental and safety excellence, continuous improvement of its results and facilities, and social and economic commitment to the environment.