Ignacio Colmenares: “Renewable auctions allow the price of energy to be more competitive”

Ignacio Colmenares: “Renewable auctions allow the price of energy to be more competitive”The President of Ence, Ignacio Colmenares, considers the renewable auction system to be positive, since they allow “competition and the price of energy to continue to be increasingly competitive. If there are no auctions and we leave it in the world of big old power companies there will be no real competition. The auction democratizes and is good, “he asserted, but they must be, he added,” well thought out and well structured. ”

The President of Ence has participated in the IV National Congress of Renewable Energies promoted by the Association of Renewable Energy Companies (APPA). Together with the representatives of the companies representing the sector, Colmenares has stressed the importance that clean energies will have in the recovery of the national economy.

The President of Ence has transferred the need to increase the weight of renewable generation with biomass within the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC), currently set at an additional 800 MW until 2030. “Spain has an abundance of biomass resources: It is the second most wooded country in Europe, as well as the second largest agricultural producer. Many of the agroforestry by-products are unvalued and, therefore, there is enough biomass to increase this target power ”, Ignacio Colmenares has claimed.

Ignacio Colmenares has pointed out that, while in Germany the installed power in renewable energy with biomass is 8,000 MW, Spain currently has just 700 MW. “We can do much more,” he stressed. Thus, the head of Ence has stated that the objectives set in the PNIEC are “a brake” for biomass, “given the pace of installation and the competitiveness of this technology.”

Asked about the role that renewable energies will play in the coming years, Ignacio Colmenares has affirmed that it is “the sector that can contribute the fastest to generate wealth and employment” in the face of the social and economic crisis, since he considers that renewables can act as key piece in the economy of our country. Thanks to this sector “the Spanish industry will be able to recover the competitiveness lost in recent years”, he pointed out.

Finally, regarding the possibilities of hybridization between renewable technologies in plants, Ignacio Colmenares has announced that Ence is working to “hybridize biomass with photovoltaic, photovoltaic with solar thermal and solar thermal with biomass” but that, above all, efforts should be focused in “optimizing the transport and distribution network”.