Ignacio Colmenares: “It is essential that the PNIEC calendar be accelerated and the national industry that manufactures equipment for renewables be promoted”

Ignacio Colmenares, president of Ence, stated this morning that “to accelerate the green recovery, it is essential that the renewable auctions be convened as soon as possible, that the calendar of the PNIEC (National Integrated Plan for Energy and Climate ) and that the Spanish industry manufacturer of equipment for renewables be promoted ”.

In the words of the head of the company, “the decarbonisation of energy is an investment opportunity and the generation of stable employment, key to the recovery of Spain after the crisis we are experiencing.”

Ignacio Colmenares has participated in today’s conference in the fifth edition of elEconomista’s “Energy Forum”, together with representatives of the rest of the large energy companies and representative leaders of the sector, to address the importance of the energy transition towards a decarbonized model such as essential part of the recovery after the current crisis.

“The challenge that we now face requires a green recovery, essential for industry, employment, the economy and the whole of our country and will only be achieved if we add efforts and wills”, said the President of Ence, who has had an impact in which the decarbonisation process “has a key development potential as an engine of economic growth, driving through innovation and sustainable business models, the growth of the economy and the generation of employment”.

In this sense, Ignacio Colmenares has stressed that it is “essential to start up as soon as possible the construction of photovoltaic plants, biomass plants, wind farms, thermosolar plants”, since “thousands of jobs depend on these projects that will convert public and private investment in a greener and more competitive future ”.

In addition, he has called for a commitment to the development of a “solid national value chain for the development of renewables”, to promote this boost. “The Spanish renewable companies have to make the effort to promote the national industry of equipment and components for our future power plants,” said Colmenares, who has set an example for Ence: “We have achieved that boilers, the heart of a biomass plant, traditionally imported from northern Europe, are manufactured in Barcelona or Andalusia and we are working so that our future turbines are also manufactured in Spain ”.

Ence is the largest biomass renewable energy generator in Spain, with an installed capacity of 316 MW and a project portfolio of 405 MW. Ence is committed to significantly collaborating in the evolution of the national energy model towards a sustainable, decarbonized and stable electricity supply system. With the conviction of providing society with an essential service and of collaborating in meeting the national challenges in the 2030 Agenda, the company advances in the development of new renewable generation projects, which also contribute to reversing depopulation, generating activity and fixing population in rural areas.