Ence, the largest private forest manager in Spain, the leading European producer of eucalyptus pulp and the Spanish leader in renewable biomass energy generation, is committed to establishing direct relationships with forest owners, which allows the transfer of an important part of wealth generation emanating from forest management.

Benefits of selling eucalyptus wood to Ence

Direct purchase of wood from owners:

• Extensive purchasing structure covering the entire peninsular northwest
• Personal and individualized attention

Financial soundness guaranteed for purchase operations:

• Public and transparent rates
• The best valuation for your land
• Reliable and flexible when paying for your wood

Work quality and safety:

• Extensive experience
• Work teams trained in quality and safety
• Utilization with warranty in terms and final product
• Responsible attitude before problems, offering solutions

Advice on reforestation and forestry:

• Forest certification
• Free training for forest owners

In addition, Ence’s transparency policy provides suppliers with access to the current price list at all times.

Reference rates in wood sale