Ence’s forest management emanates from research, development and innovation activities. Our actions in this area are focused on improving forest species and their yield, in order to maximize wood and biomass self-supply.

Our company’s R&D&I activity is carried out in research centres and modern forest nurseries that incorporate the latest technologies for the development, cultivation and improvement of the species.

Ence’s efforts in the area of ​​Forest R&D during 2018 have been developed within the scheme of the Ence’s Improvement Plan, established three decades ago. The Plan addresses 3 Improvement Programs: Genetic improvement Program, Forestry Improvement Program and Pests and Diseases Control Program. In particular, the developments of the Improvement Plan have materialized in the following projects during last year:


  • GONIPTERO Project: To improve the phytosanitary status of Eucalyptus Globulus masses by fighting against Gonipterus platensis (eucalyptus weevil).
  • Micos Project: To assess new Mycosphaerella and Gonipterus-tolerant clones.
  • Hybrids Project: To select new genotypes from controlled crossings to assess them for genetic traits of economic interest.
  • Agricultural Biomass Project: To improve agricultural residual biomass utilization by developing harvesting and logistics processes for agricultural biomass.