Ence, the largest private forest manager in Spain

Management of forest areas, research applied to species-specific yield coefficients, their cultivation, care and maintenance for wood and biomass extraction are our main forestry activities.

Main objectives of our forestry activity

Development of wood and biomass productive capacity

Maintenance of direct and indirect environmental values (biodiversity, soil, air and water quality, etc.)

Development of the surrounding areas (job creation and income distribution, promotion of forestry sector, etc.)

Forest management in figures

Ence manages almost 66,000 ha in Spain. 70% has been allocated to the production of wood for pulp, and 23%, (around 14,800 hectares) has been allocated to the protection and conservation of ecosystems.

Ence’s forest assets in Spain are certified by any of the most advanced international standards in forest management and traceability and custody chain, such as the PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) with license number FSC-C081854 by more than 85%.

Boosting forest certification

Maintenance of enviromental values (biodiversity, soil quality, etc)

Support for forest owners

Forest R&D&i and biological fight against pests

Development of productive capacity

Protection of species and habitats


hectares of forest stands managed by Ence (2020)


around 14,800 hectares dedicated to protecting and preserving ecosystems