Fifteen young people from Huelva obtain the Ence scholarship to train in mechanized forestry operations

The formation of the first group, in which Ence Energía y Celulosa is investing more than 33,000 euros, will take place in October and will train fifteen people to begin to alleviate the serious lack in the forestry sector of machinists specialized in the sustainable use of the mountains. . Promoting the professionalization and modernization of this fundamental economic sector is the objective of the company and the local administrations that collaborate with the first call for this initiative: Mancomunidad Beturia del Andévalo, Mancomunidad Sierra Minera and the town councils of Aroche and Rosal de la Border.

In total, 14 men and 1 woman have passed the selection interviews and the basic requirements of the bases of the calls articulated during the summer by the collaborating entities, who are also in charge of supporting them with living and accommodation expenses during the 3 weeks. training at a prestigious forestry school in Lugo in Galicia.

The training, whose individual cost exceeds 2,200 euros, consists of 50 hours of Mechanics and Hydraulics, 50 hours of forest machinery and 20 hours of risk prevention. In addition, Ence will ensure two months of paid internships for the 7 best candidates in Huelva forestry companies, regular suppliers of the company.

The revitalization of the economy and employment in rural areas is a fundamental key to avoiding the social problem caused by the depopulation of towns. In line with this important national objective, Ence has for years maintained a close relationship with its stakeholders in the towns where it carries out its forestry operations, promoting with projects like this the professionalization and sustainability of local companies in the sector.

With the scholarships awarded, Ence seeks to consolidate itself as a driving force in rural areas while collaborating with the improvement of the employability of people who work in the forestry areas of Huelva, and promoting, with the incorporation of women into training, equality in a particularly masculinized sector.

The company, which manages some 50,000 hectares of forest mountains in Andalusia, already has an important structuring effect on the territory and contributes to the creation of income and the establishment of the population, preventing the abandonment of rural areas.