Ence’s pulp, at the forefront of sustainability in the market due to its environmental profile

Ence is the first company to prepare and publish an Environmental Product Declaration (DAP or EPD) for cellulose, which places the cellulose pulp produced by the company at the forefront of sustainability in the market for this material.

In 2020, Ence began to analyze the environmental profile of its pulp following the international EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) system, a program for environmental declarations based on the ISO 14025 standard, in which the environmental impacts of the product are identified and reported. based on a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

This analysis examines the environmental impacts of the product throughout its life cycle in 12 different categories: resource depletion, toxicity to people, toxicity to terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems, use of fossil fuels, warming potential global, destruction of the ozone layer, potential contribution to water scarcity, photochemical oxidation, acidification and eutrophication.

Environdec, the EPD® certification body, has certified the cellulose from Ence’s biofactory in Pontevedra, both the standard Encell TCF pulp and the Naturcell pulp.

Naturcell is an unbleached paper pulp developed by Ence based on highly demanding and innovative criteria in terms of sustainability, its main characteristics being a lower carbon footprint, better use of energy and a reduction in water consumption. Among the differential properties of Naturcell are its outstanding physical and optical characteristics, which give it better machinability and printability. End products for which this pulp can be used include, but are not limited to, packaging and packaging paper solutions, unbleached tissue paper, unbleached paper bags, and molded pulp solutions.

The Environmental Product Declarations are voluntary, verified and registered by independent bodies, whose purpose is to provide information in a transparent and comparable way on the environmental impact of the life cycle of Ence’s products to its customers and to the rest of the stakeholders of Ence. the company. This declaration represents an important differentiator with respect to the production of other pulp companies, providing the pulp from the Pontevedra biofactory with a unique certificate so far in the pulp market.

Likewise, Ence is already working on the development of the Environmental Product Declaration of the cellulose produced in its Navia biofactory, in line with its 2019-2023 Sustainability Master Plan.