Ence’s biomass power plant in Ciudad Real began its annual technical stop on Sunday

Ence began this Sunday the annual technical stoppage of maintenance in its biomass power generation facilities in Ciudad Real. The stop, which will be developed over 6 days, will come to implement a series of technical improvements aimed both at ensuring the efficiency of the plant and its environmental performance.

The company will invest almost one million euros in this technical stop, which will be used mainly for the assembly of new automatic measurement systems in the plant chimney, which will allow maximum reliability in the measurement of emissions. During this technical stop, improvements will also be made to the belts that circulate the fuel to the boilers.

During these days of stop will be added to the technicians of the plant up to 100 workers of 28 auxiliary companies for the execution of maintenance work and improvement of the facilities. The vast majority of technicians who will participate in the stop work for companies whose headquarters are located in Ciudad Real or in the region of Villarta de San Juan, municipality where the plant is located.

It is expected that the technical stoppage of Enemansa will generate a daily average of between 60 and 70 hotel nights and drinks in local establishments, which will result in an important economic injection for the area.

The biomass energy generation plant of Enemansa, which mainly uses orujillo (biomass derived from the treatment of olives for oil extraction), very abundant in the surroundings of the facilities, has a power of 16 MW and reached a net production of more than 92.5 million kWh in 2018.